4 out of 5 stars

Those of us who love our luxury makeup brands know that Pat McGrath Labs products are among the best of the best. The Mothership palettes are notoriously beautiful and feature highly pigmented, vibrant color selections and eyeshadows that are blendable, buildable, and long-wearing. Knowing the quality and standards that Pat McGrath Labs has consistently held itself to when creating its products, it stands to reason that their newest product, FetishEyes™ Mascara, which was officially available for purchase on February 14, 2019, should be of that same high-caliber.

Pat McGrath Labs FetishEyes™ Mascara

I ordered my mascara from Sephora online and received it earlier this week. I’ve worn it exclusively for the past few days and compared it against a few of my favorite mascaras to see if it could stand up against what are, in my opinion, the best mascaras available.

First Impressions

Pat McGrath Labs FetishEyes™ Mascara Packaging

FetishEyes™ Mascara comes in a beautiful blue foil package. Not only is the packaging unique, but it’s also completely eco-friendly and recyclable, which is an huge bonus for those of us who love beauty AND the environment.

Pat McGrath Labs FetishEyes™ Mascara wand.

When removing the wand, there are no clumps of product on the end. The product doesn’t appear flaky and the brush is thick with plenty of bristles.

My only complaint about the product is the smell. The mascara has a bit of a chemical smell to it and while it’s not strong, it’d definitely there.

Supreme Lengthening Power

This mascara applies really nicely and my lashes practically double in length with only one coat. When compared with my Wander Beauty Unlashed Mascara (my holy grail), the lengthening effects of FetishEyes™ are insane!

Three coats of Pat McGrath Labs
FetishEyes™ mascara.

Although I was amazed at the length this mascara gave to my lashes, I did find that the formula was a bit clumpier than I expected. However, I find that with all mascaras that claim to volumize, which this one does. I compared the volumizing power of the FetishEyes™ mascara to Milk Makeup High Volume Kush Mascara, my favorite volumizing formula, and I have to say that FetishEyes™ falls a bit short in this area. Although there are definite volumizing effects, Milk Makeup’s High Volume Kush Mascara offers more volume with less clumps when compared to Pat McGrath Labs’ FetishEyes™.

Wears All Day

For several days I applied this mascara in the morning as part of my usual beauty routine and didn’t touch my make up until I went to bed at night. When I went to remove my makeup, my lashes looked almost as good as they did first thing in the morning. There were no flakes, no raccoon eyes, and my lashes still had plenty of product to remove. If only my concealer could hide those dark circles all day too!

Pat McGrath Labs FetishEyes™ mascara after 16 hours of wear.

It took a bit of scrubbing to take off my mascara at the end of the day. I used the Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm, which has an incredibly beautiful fragrance and leaves my skin feeling so clean and refreshed.

Final Thoughts

The Pat McGrath Labs FetishEyes™ mascara provides intense length and long wear. Its volumizing effects are less notable, but they’re certainly there. Overall, this mascara is excellent and upholds the usual standard that we’ve come to expect from Pat McGrath Labs.


  1. It’s always such a rewarding feeling to find a mascara that can stand up to daily wear! Nothing’s worse than having to take time out of your busy day to reapply…

  2. Thanks for this review and others you have done. I got myself a small one of these from Sephora and love it. Its the best mascara I have tried.

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